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MirageVision Outdoor TV

Since 2004, Global Outdoor Concepts has created a unique weatherproofing process using existing top branded TVs such as (Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Sony, Hitachi, etc.) This custom process allows the branded TVs to be weather resistant for permanent outdoor use. Our weather-resistant outdoor TVs have been time-tested in one of the hottest and sunniest climates in the world – on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Remember, there is more to an outdoor TV than just a weatherproof enclosure… How about the picture quality in direct daytime sunlight? Our televisions are equipped with proprietary picture image enhancements for the best possible picture/image when compared to all the competition.


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We have developed a custom weatherization and proprietary picture enhancement procedure by using (donor) modern name brand flat screen televisions (i.e. Samsung, LG, Sharp, Hitachi, Vizio), so that they can be permanently installed outdoors and viewed in daytime direct sunlight. Applications can be utilized in both residential and commercial settings. This process has been refined utilizing the latest LED/LCD flat screen technology, consisting of ultra-bright and super-enhanced picture contrast, in order to create the world’s most advanced and affordable outdoor TV.


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Our MirageVision™ Gold 1080p Series are our most affordable Outdoor TVs. The Gold 1080p Series HDTV’s will work in direct sunlight viewing, but will perform better in a shaded area. They are equipped with our proprietary MPET Calibration Picture/Image settings that makes the picture “POP” in sunny outdoor environments. All of our Gold 1080p models are Smart TV, Wi-Fi and App ready.


1080p HDTVs

All models are Smart TVs.

Sizes: 32″ – 40″ – 48″ – 55″ – 60″

One (1) Year Limited Replacement Warranty


Our MirageVision™ Gold Ultra HD (4k) Series HDTV’s are our most popular series. They are made to work in direct sunlight viewing. They are equipped with our proprietary MPET Calibration Picture/Image settings and the latest Ultra HD (4k) TV technology which has 4x the resolution when compared to 1080p technology. This combined technology allows for a sharper and brighter picture image in daytime sunny outdoor viewing. All of our Gold Ultra HD (4k) models are Smart TV, Wi-Fi and App ready.


Ultra HD (4k) TVs.

All models are Smart TVs
with built-in Wi-Fi and Apps.

Sizes:  43″ – 50″ – 58″ – 65″ – 70″ – 75″ – 80″

One (1) Year Limited Replacement Warranty


Our MirageVision™ Diamond Pro Ultra HD (4k) Outdoor TV Series are our Top of the Line TV’s at ultra-high contrast (all models are Smart Ultra HD (4k) Samsung or LG Model Donors) with our MPET Picture Quality Calibration & MVVP Software/Hardware Upgrade for the best possible viewing in outdoor sunlight conditions. One (1) Year Replacement Limited Warranty for Residential and Commercial application and an additional one (1) Year (pro-rated 50/50) Limited Warranty. Both Commercial and Residential will carry the one (1) Year Replacement Warranty.

Ultra HD (4k) Smart TVs

Proprietary software-driven, built-in picture image, HD/ULTRA HD (4k) video processor/scaler (MVVP).

Smart Ultra HD (4k) Samsung or LG Models

All Models are Smart TVs with

Wi-Fi & Built-In Apps

Sizes: 40″ – 50″ – 55″ – 60″ – 65″ – 75″ – 85″

One (1) Year Replacement Limited Warranty for Residential and Commercial application and a One (1) Year (Pro-Rated 50/50) Limited Residential Warranty


OLED 4k / Ultra HD 4k / 4k Curved / Seamless LED TVs

Sizes: 55″ – 65″ – 78″ – 88″ – 90″ – 98″ – 110″ – 144″ – 164″

Call for “flat screen or curved screen” availability.

NOTE: Our curved models have less glare than the flat screen models. All “Special Orders” must be installed in a shaded area and are not warranted for direct rainfall and/or direct screen full sun.


LED Theater Entertainment

Indoor/Outdoor System

Bring your home movie experience outside!

HUGE movable weather resistant TVs with Enhanced Picture Quality

Entertain your family and friends conveniently outside on your patio

Designed, engineered, and accessorized in America by Global Outdoor Concepts, the leaders in weather resistant super bright TVs since 2004

Residential or Commercial